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Add: 18#, Xin'An Road, Shaowu City, Fujian, China
International Trade Dept.
Tel: +86-599-6655932/6654968
Fax: +86-599-6654591
Home Trade Dept. 
Tel: +86-599-6654866/6654968
Fax: +86-599-6655755
High-purity Chemicals Dept.
Tel: +86-599-6655536/6654968
Fax: +86-599-6655755

About us

Fujian Yongjing Technology Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian Shaowu Yongfei Chemical Co., Ltd. are large fluorine chemical enterprises in Fujian Province.

Our company is located at #18 of Shaikou Xin’An Road of Jintang Industrial Park in Shaowu City, covering over 300mu. It is within 3km to exit railway station, exit of Wushao highway and G316. And it is within 1 hour’s drive to Wuyishan Airport, Wuyishan Railway East Station and Taining Station. There is superior geographical location and convenient transportation condition.


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